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george ioannidis
Doctor of Chiropractic and Physical Therapist

Dr. George Ioannidis qualified as Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in 2008 and has passed the USA National Board of Examiners Diplomate.

Dr Ioannidis is an expert chiropractor and physical therapist with a caring approach. He gained his physiotherapy degree in 2003 and, to continue with his dedication to providing the best of health care, went on to study in the USA for his Chiropractic doctorate.

He uses a combination of techniques to provide;

  • gentle chiropractic manipulation,
  • physical therapy modalities,
  • specialized muscle release techniques and,
  • the clinic’s Digital X-ray facilities to accurately diagnose and treat clients to resolve their back and neck conditions and restore pain-free function and mobility.

Dr George uses a wide variety of techniques for maximum patient comfort and can utilise gentle mobilisation and stretching.

Sports Therapist

Shakira was born and raised in South London. She graduated with a Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation Degree at Middlesex University.

Having worked at Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Gym and delivering customised intensive fitness programmes to a variety of ages from the young to the elderlyit was her main aim to achieve her clients desired goals. Utilising her rehab skills she was able to assist those with minor injuries, restoring them back to full fitness, using corrective injury exercises, consequently changing her client’s way of life.

Shakira has worked with both rugby and football teams, so has a good understanding of the common injuries that occur in such sports. This required the use of deep tissue massage, as well as her specialist taping skills. She also had the honour of working with the Charity Organisation Sense, in massaging the London marathon runners.

When not at the clinic, ‪Shakira‬’s other passion is keeping fit, by weight training and boxing, as well as following a healthy lifestyle.

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